Hypervibe fitness plate:

Throughout all Sun City Tanning salons, we have Hypervibe fitness plates that can be used as a one off session or a block of 28 days. Below you will see the many benefits of using the Hypervibe fitness plate.

Muscle training:

A well functioning and capable musculature is prerequisite for healthy joints, bones and coordinated movement.

  1. - Muscle relaxation
  2. - Muscle formation – strengthening of the muscles
  3. - Increase in muscle capability
  4. - Improved coordination
  5. - Optimal supplement/platform for other sports

Body shaping:

Feeling comfortable in your own body, that’s what many customers associate with external appearance. Hypervibe training shapes the body.

  1. - Increased body fat burning
  2. - Weight reduction
  3. - Skin tightening
  4. - Improvement of the skin
  5. - Improved posture
  6. - Massaging effects

Feeling healthy:

A healthy body is more than a functioning machine. Our customers simply feel better in a healthy body.

  1. - Release of tension
  2. - Prevention of back problems
  3. - Activation of the metabolism
  4. - Promotion of blood circulation
  5. - Pelvic floor training
  6. - Osteoporosis prevention
  7. - Stress reduction
  8. - Anti-ageing effects through increased vitality
  9. - Positive change in the hormonal balance
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